5 Steps to Quit Your Day Job and Start Online

I read a discussion thread in a forum on a weekly — if not daily — basis about how people are struggling to quit their job to start online. The promise of working at the comfort of their own home and be their own boss are very compelling. Not to mention the kind of lifestyle they could get by working from anywhere in the world.

The problem is, success doesn’t come overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort.

For those who have the luxury of others supporting them while they plunge into the new venture full time, congratulations! However, not all people are that lucky. Most still can’t leave their job because that is the only source of income to support them.

Don’t give up hope though. Here are 5 steps you can take to start online and quit your job without much pain. If you aren’t afraid to work hard, this can be a great model for you:

1. Keep your day job
If your day job doesn’t allow you to work 8 hours and you must work overtime most of the day, find another job. It doesn’t have to be something you like, just something that could support you. Note that you’re doing this momentarily.

That way, you can allocate more time to work on your online business. Three to five hours per day is a good start.

2. Aim high, but start with the lowest hanging fruit
You can’t afford to be slow. Although you can build one business slowly and steadily, it is always recommended that you start with the lowest hanging fruit. It doesn’t have to be the main business you want to work on.

Some ideas include working as a freelance, offering services to others who need it. If you can make web sites, find local businesses who are looking to get their business online. If you are good at designing graphical elements, offer your design work to start the income stream.

After you’ve successfully build the income to the level that it can support your living expense, it’s time to quit your job. Although it may not be the kind of business you want, it’s obviously better than working for others.

3. Invest in yourself first
To contribute and make a difference to the world, you must invest in yourself and build a better individual first. This is also required to build your own business.

Just because you’re good and knowledgeable in programming doesn’t mean you can build a successful software business. Know your strengths and weaknesses and invest in improving yourself.

4. Balance with actions
Nothing turns in life without actions. Ideas are important but if there’s no action, there’s no result. It is important that you balance learning with taking actions.

After you gain some confidence with some of the online business models, you can start planning and doing.

5. Never give up
Others have been there and done it. There’s no reason it can’t work for you. Let’s admit it, if it doesn’t work, most likely the problem is in how you do it. Don’t expect different results if you keep doing the same thing.

With that said, I don’t recommend that you jump from one web site to another. It is just a complete waste of time. Focus on one or two and work on it until you see results. Building your name, credibility, getting the traffic, growing your list, maintaining relationship with the audience, all take time. It’s very critical that you are patient and persistent.

Quitting your day job and risking everything to start online is not a smart move for most people. With this easy model, you can start online safely and go full time gradually.