Buying Platinum Jewelry As an Investment

Investing in a precious metal like platinum can be a good long-term hedge against the volatility of the stock market, and there are many ways to invest in it. One of the best ways is to buy jewelry made from pure platinum. This allows you to hold a valuable commodity as well as wear a beautiful piece of jewelry – sort of like having your cake and eating it too!

Here are some great reasons to buy platinum jewelry as an investment:

  • The strength of platinum allows jewelers to make quite intricate, yet extremely durable, pieces without mixing in other metals. Thus, you can have a piece that is practical both as jewelry and as a bullion-type investment.
  • Platinum is about 30 times more rare than gold, yet is usually valued in the same general price range. Since it is so rare and so useful, many people believe that platinum could drastically increase in value in the coming years.
  • Platinum is stronger and more durable than either silver or white gold, and is impervious to rust or tarnish, and so is a great alternative to these metals as jewelry.
  • Platinum is important in the auto industry, for use in anti-pollution devices. As environmental regulations get stricter over the years, the value of platinum should continue to rise. And as emerging markets like China and India continue their explosive growth (car sales in China grew by more than 50% in 2009), the demand for platinum will continue to grow as well. All these factors point to a steady increase in the value of platinum jewelry in the coming years.

A Simple Formula For Success in Your Home Business

You now want to start your own home business. You searched the internet for the right business opportunity that will make your dreams come true. You know it is out there, everyone is doing it; now you just have to find it. But which ones are good opportunities and which are not. How do you know? What are some of the signs for success with a home business?

The World Wide Web seems to offer everything imaginable. People are claiming “I have found what is going to make you successful”. However, without some extensive research and a little insight on how the whole web works, you might just find yourself losing a great deal lot of money and time. Do these people actually believe we are going to put our trust and money into something or someone that promises us fortunes in the first month of business? That’s a bit much for me. Not that fortunes can’t be made in the internet business, but it usually takes time and work. There is nothing for free and instant. So this helps weed out a few thousand opportunities that promises fortunes for nothing. So now what?

Here are a few tips to think about before jumping into the home business waters and becoming affiliated with a company. How long has the company been in business? Do they provide a phone number for you to contact them? This may sound simple, but it’s amazing how many don’t. If so, is there a real person behind the phone number or it is just a recorded message? Have they ever been sued? That actually is a good thing because no company is perfect, even the large and long-standing corporations, and you want to know if they are strong enough to withstand the scrutiny of a law suit. Does the company provide training or support or just leave you hanging out there on your own? These are just a few of the initial questions you need to be asking yourself. They will make a huge difference in your decision as to what type of company you want to be affiliated with. This is your first sign to look for to starting your own successful home business.

What about their product or service? What is their target market? Is it a small niche market or a large market that everyone would be interested in? Is it consumable where there is repeat business? Is there shipping involved? What is the turn around time to receive the product? Very important – is it a product that you can believe in, want to share with your friends, and not be embarrassed to say you are affiliated with? If you cannot answer yes to this last question, find another product or service. Who wants to be involved in something that they really hate. That is probably why they left their JOBS – to find something more fulfilling. So finding something you resonate with is a must sign to look for.

Now you have the found the right company and the right product, so what is it going to cost you to become involved with this opportunity. While the old saying “you get what you pay for” is usually true, there are still some cases where this is not true. I have a friend that invested $4000 to join a business that sounded great but actually wasn’t because you had to go out and find and market your own product. Then there are the companies that sound great with zero investment and they were gone before you could blink an eye. So it is important to do your research. Talk to others who are in the business you are interested in. How long have they been in the business and how long did it take them to make any profits? You can learn tons on information while talking to others who have already walked the walk. Do you really expect to make a business successful without investing some money, time and effort toward that goal?

Ok, you have found the company, like the product and the investment is within your capabilities. What about the compensation plan? Is it a MLM? We all know about the pyramids where only the top people make the big money. Do you really want to share your commissions for every single sale you make? Most of us would say no. So how do you know the difference? Put some time and energy in learning exacting how their compensation package works. There are multi level marketing companies that are not pyramids and offer lucrative compensation packages. Again, talk to others in the business and find out how it worked for them. Are they happy with the company? What is the retention rate with the company? We know everyone is an individual and the achievement levels will vary according to their skills and level of commitment, but this information will help with your evaluation of the company. Know going in that you will have to pay your dues with some genuine effort and commitment and that success won’t happen overnight. But you will also know that it will be worth it in the long run. Isn’t that what we really want?

I believe a critical “sign to success” is to ask if there is a great level of support and mentoring team. Do they just claim they do or can you actually see how the support system works? Do they have business systems in place that can be duplicated so you do not have to reinvent the wheel? Is their initial support to help you get started? Is this support continual or do they kick you out of the nest after a short period of time? Do the team members compete against each other or do they support each other knowing there is abundance for all? Do they have regular team meetings via telephone? Do they have training calls available? Can you actually talk to a live person to answer your questions? Do they have annual conferences where everybody can get to know everybody else? This is especially great if the company is large and in many different locations. It is nice to put names to faces.

These are just a few guidelines to get you thinking about the process of starting a home business or internet home business. Not all companies may have everything you might be looking for. It is up to you to decide if the things that are missing are important enough for you to rule them out.

Last tip – IF YOU DON’T LOVE IT – DON’T DO IT! If they promise you big fortunes in 30 days, it is probably too good to be true. There is no free lunch.

I’m writing this because my own travel through this experience was a difficult one and I wanted to share some of my insights with the hope of helping others through their own journey. Through my own journey, I found a personal development product/business that not only helped me grow as a person but provided a lucrative business opportunity as well. I was able to answer “yes” to most of my own questions before I made the leap into a new world of home business.

Plan For Retirement: Turn a Home Into an “Investment”

Turning your home into an investment is a great way to jumpstart the wealth-building process. This technique is especially useful for people just beginning their financial journey or those who have fallen behind in their retirement planning. A home becomes an investment when other people rent a portion, or all of it, from you and the income you receive from that rental covers your ongoing direct costs of ownership.

Your goal is to buy and move into your own multi-unit rental property to help you minimize your living expenses by sharing the property’s costs of ownership (loan payments, repairs, taxes, insurance, etc.) with your tenants. You will then pay off the loan used to buy the property as fast as possible. Once you own your rental property free-and-clear, you will have an asset that will pay you a significant monthly income for as long as you own it.

In the United States, apartment properties with four units or fewer make the best candidates for this technique because they are easy to finance. The entire process is very similar to buying a single-family home and is fairly straightforward. Whatever type of property you buy, make sure you can continue to comfortably afford making the loan payments if most of your tenants move out for some period of time and you talk to a professional accountant and attorney before you try this technique.

Example: You want to buy a four-plex. You have a small down payment and your take-home pay is $45,000 per year. You make the choice not to spend more than 30% of your income on housing, so you are limited to a maximum monthly loan payment of $1,150 ($45,000 multiplied by 30% = $13,500; $13,500 divided by 12 months = $1,150 per month). The rents from your soon-to-be-acquired four-plex, however, can also count toward your income, allowing you to get more property for your money.

In this example, the payments will be a little higher on the four-plex, because the taxes and insurance cost more. The house, however, doesn’t get the financial benefit of collecting rents, which makes a significant difference in how much of your own money you must use to pay back the loan on the property. In other words, if you owned the four-plex, you would use your tenants’ rent money to help repay your property loan.

If you owned the four-plex, continued to make the entire monthly loan payment from your personal income, and used an extra money the property generated, after expenses, as an additional monthly payment to your lender, it would dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to repay the loan. Remember, it would still take 30 years to pay off the house. Once the property is paid off, your home has turned into an investment that pays you a monthly income and allows you to live for free. How different would your financial life be if you didn’t have to pay rent or make a house payment? How different would your financial life be if you used this technique multiple times, moving from four-plex to four-plex while using the income from each paid property to pay off the loan on your most recent purchase?

Living in your own rental property isn’t for everybody. You will have to put up with your tenants’ idiosyncrasies, sacrifice some privacy, and deal with their problems and complaints. You might have to take a property management class or two. You may even have to plunge a few toilets and do many of the repairs yourself to get the numbers to work for you. Is this really so bad? How long would it take you to save the equivalent value of your rental property by simply saving a portion of your income? Giving up a traditional home and living in your own rental property with tenants could yield significant long-term financial benefits. Consider this option carefully before you rule it out for the pretty little house with the white picket fence.

Mediocrity is perhaps the greatest social epidemic of our time.