Top Five Ways To Make Money Online With Little To No Investment

I’ve been in the business of making money online for a while now and I’ve tried just about everything, and the purpose of my writing this article is to give some guidance to novices wanting to do the same – mainly to find a way to generate significant income from your home in the hopes of quitting your job and gaining financial freedom. Some of the topics I cover are absolutely free while others require a small investment, but in this article I will be discussing how to make money online with Ebay, Internet Marketing, Writing, Paid Surveys and Investing and Trading (Stocks, Forex). Some of these methods are better than others and in the article I address this as well as which ways I have found to be most effective (and least effective). So let’s get to it. I will start with my least favorite and work up to my favorite method (one that I currently cultivate to generate lots of personal income for myself).

First I will talk about paid surveys. This is actually what I started experimenting with. There are many paid survey sites to choose from, and I won’t discuss which ones to go with because this is my least favorite method. The reason I don’t particularly like paid surveys is because the amount of effort you have to put into it really does not equal the payout. When I was taking surveys I was having to spend 12 to 16 hours a day just to get any kind of significant income. A lot of times I was not even credited for my participation because there were always more requirements in place for me to get paid. For example, after taking a survey I was informed that I would need to purchase this or that in order to actually receive the incentive. So my advice, shy away from surveys as they are generally not that effective in payout, plus you have to give away your personal information and ultimately end up receiving lots and lots of junk emails and paper mail as a result.

Next there is eBay. eBay is a very popular method of buying and selling everything from tangible goods to digital products. I personally don’t use eBay much because I sell digital products and know too many people who have their digital products ripped off through eBay. As far as selling tangible goods this may be good for some but I’m not in the business of packaging and shipping something physical, I believe this defeats the idea of what this article is about, mainly making money on the internet, not off it.

Some people choose to write for a living and make money through freelance writing. If your passion is writing and you have a knack for research and putting together articles, tutorials, e-Books and research papers quickly then you may want to consider checking out some freelance writer websites to sign up with. Basically how this works is someone makes a post on these websites listing a job they need done and the requirements and guidelines. Then freelance writers will bid on the job and list what they want paid, or else offer to do it for a pre-determined payment offered by the poster. Freelance writing is great of you like to write, but it will take some time for you to build up a good reputation for yourself. One way to build a good reputation in writing is to have a website listing some sample articles and works that you’ve written for your clients to review before paying you for a job. I personally do not use this method anymore, although I think it is a legitimate way for experienced and well-written authors to make a living on the internet.

So we are left with internet marketing and investing, and these are the two areas I like the most and currently cultivate. I started in internet marketing with affiliate marketing. Basically you can sign up to be an affiliate for a certain product and you receive commission for each product you sell. What I would do is sign up, get an affiliate link and post that affiliate link on a website I created. I would give a review of that product or talk about it, then list the affiliate link if readers were interested in buying it. When the visitor clicked through the link and bought the product, I was paid a commission. This is a great way for beginners to earn some startup capital because you are not paying to create the products and you can promote them through free websites and blogs like, which I recommend using if you try this. As far as finding the products to promote, you can go to Google and type in the name of a product plus “affiliate program”. So if you wanted to sell TestProduct, you would Google “TestProduct+affiliate program” to see if there is an affiliate program available.

Once you earn some startup capital I would suggest trying investing, not necessarily in stocks (although you can invest in stocks online) but rather in Forex, or the foreign exchange market. The Forex market is how I started generating some very significant income because many online forex brokers let you create an account with a small investment, sometimes as little as $200 and with high-leveraged trading you can control a dollar amount as much as 200 times your investment, so if you invest $1,000 you can control $200,000 in the currency market. This lets you quickly generate very large returns of your investment.

Forex trades $3 trillion a day and so there is lots of money for everyone to make, but the trading is risky and does involve some knowledge and skills, you should therefore do your research before getting involved with Forex. So in a nutshell here is what I recommend to a newbie trying to make money online: Start off doing affiliate marketing to generate some quick income if you are starting with no money, and then make an investment in Forex after doing your research. Affiliate marketing will create a steady income stream while your investments in Forex will allow you to generate the larger income. Well that’s just my two cents, I wish everyone the best of luck in making money online in 2008!

Stop the Insanity – How to Find a Viable Online Marketing Business (Part 2)

In Part 1 I provided an overview of the current online marketing landscape as well as some of the criteria I use to choose which businesses to join. In Part 2 I dive into an age old method of evaluating a potential business – the two-filter test.

Keep in mind I only have a handful of businesses so I am describing here my own unique experiences and the steps I take to evaluate a business but I have found the average unsuccessful online marketer today has usually tried between 10-15 different small online businesses within 12-18 months in their search for the right one (core businesses, affiliate relationships, referral programs, etc…). In Part 2 of this article, I cover more specific questions you should ask when evaluating any business but particularly when considering an online marketing business.

TIP: With the wide selection available and depending on your budget and available start up capital, it is important to determine if you want to invest in top tier programs such as those that pay high commissions of more than $1000 per sale or low to mid tier programs that pay considerably less. This will further define the list of available businesses out there for you to consider but remember that you cannot keep the right type of person out of the right business so keep an open mind.

To start, there are two filters and three dimensions or test areas you should use to determine what business to invest your money in. The filters are Common Sense and Proof and the test areas are Company, Product and Compensation.

If these three areas can pass the two-filter test then the odds are extremely high that you have found a business worth your effort and attention and you should seriously considering investing your money in this business.


How long has the company been in business?

Have the owners ever been sued, been to jail or shut down?

Can you contact the owners?

Does the company have a headquarters?

How many offices do they have?

Is the company financially stable?

What kind of support does the company provide?

It is amazing how many startups are being run out of a basement or a garage with some down line software and a white label product…ask the right questions and you will get the right answers. It is equally amazing how many company owners have records of convictions in their past.


How much competition is there?

Is it the 25th new product of its kind this month?

How long have they manufactured the product/provided the service?

Do they have any proof or credentials for the product or service?

Do they make their own product or is it made for them and hundreds of other companies like them?

How big is the target market?

How many people actually need or want your product?

Ask yourself why you want to start an online business in the first place? Is it for financial freedom, more time for you or your family, do you like the product, something fun you like to do? Why don’t we have all of this with most companies?


How long does it take to explain the compensation plan?

Do you have to read a 30 page manual or attend a two hour comp plan training session?

Do you need an accountant, a lawyer or an actuary to understand the business?

Do you get knocked out of your position in the company if you don’t maintain your monthly quota?

Do you need to understand PV, BV, CV and dozens of other cryptic acronyms?

Many companies make the compensation plans difficult to understand because if you actually knew how little you made, you would never join in the first place.

Hopefully you have found the criteria I use to be useful and helpful in stopping the insanity in your search to find the right business for you.

Best of luck in your search!

Protect Your Real Estate Investments With Surveillance

Are you a Real Estate Investor? Do you own multiple homes, apartments, condos, or real estate developments? Do you want to be able to protect these assets and possibly save money along the way? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to pay attention as we talk about the benefits of surveillance systems for your investments.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Now I cannot guarantee that your insurance company will provide this benefit; however a lot of insurance companies provide premium discounts if you protect your property with a surveillance system. A good thing to do before purchasing your surveillance system is to talk with your insurance agent and find out what kind of discounts they might offer. Often times they may have certain stipulations you need to adhere to for the discount; these stipulations may include professional installation or live monitoring, so it is a good idea to have this knowledge in hand.

Visual Deterrent & Recorded Protection

By having a surveillance system installed that is visible and even posted with signs you are creating an atmosphere where criminals are far less likely to act. In fact just by having the visual deterrent you are making your property a far less tempting target to trespassers and other nefarious characters. In addition to being visually deterring your are further protecting your investments with recorded evidence that can be used to prosecute offenders should they attempt to violate your establishment. This double threat of a system decreases your chances of being victimized greatly, and provides a means to quickly act should something happen.

Higher Quality & Happier Tenants

By having a surveillance system your making sure that your tenants will feel safer in their homes; this in turn makes for happier and more respectful tenants. Additionally when interviewing new possible tenants you can make sure they are aware of the surveillance system, this will help weed out less desirable tenants who might not be as respectful of your property. It should be noted however that you will not want to put any surveillance equipment in areas where privacy is expected, but only in public areas. Otherwise you run the risks of legal actions and possible unflattering stigmas related to your properties.

Remote Access & Central Station Monitoring

With the advent of remote networking and remote access on surveillance DVR’s, the ability to quickly and efficiently monitor your assets is easier than ever. Whether you want to access your surveillance systems on your phone, computer, or tablet; this can all be accomplished now as long as you have some form of internet connection at your DVR.

On top of all this there are DVRs with what is known as CMS (Central Monitoring Software), that makes monitoring multiple locations at once a breeze. So if you own multiple pieces of property or have large real estate investments, you can quickly access all of them at once on your home or business system. This applies regardless of distance between you DVRs; so if you have real estate in multiple countries or states you are still covered.

Maintenance Monitoring

Need to have a repair or inspection performed on your building or property? Do you have to hire someone to do it? Are you far away from that particular property without the ability to quickly get there? A surveillance system can help with a lot of this!

Let’s say that you have to hire someone to perform maintenance on your property. Well for most investors, they’re going to want to inspect the work and make sure it was done properly or that it was done at all. By having a networked surveillance system you can login and do just that. Additionally if a tenant has a problem with something on the premise, you may also be able to inspect it with your system to verify the claim and take appropriate action.

In the end a surveillance system can provide monetary, protective, maintenance, and monitoring incentives to real estate investors the world round.